DACA facts

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An average DACA recipient is now 26 years old and came to the US at age six so they have no other roots or foreign ties outside of their life in the U.S for the past 20 years. 91% of them are employed and pay the same US wage taxes without receiving the benefits that […]

Health insurance help for illegal immigrants

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My free online advisory service launched in the 1990s provides bits of financial advice to people; mostly on issues related to small business operation. The topical subjects of these questions have shifted over time and now quite often come from people who have trouble finding affordable health insurance or covering uninsured health care expenses. I presume this means that […]

The second largest threat to Pennsylvania small business

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Let’s be clear: Legal and illegal immigration accounts for a huge part of the region’s economic progress. The difference between legal and illegal immigration in our region is not “border jumping” but expired visas – just paperwork that the federal government need to fix. Most undocumented workers came here legally and continue to support our […]

Limitations on free tax preparation for 2016 returns

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Each tax season I am pleased to prepare some individual tax preparation services for n fee except the filing fee. My online filing service provider’s fee is $20 per return so the tax filer must cover this cost. My offer is usually made to a small number of middle income neighbors as a way to promote my […]

The immigration issue from my own perspective

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The State of New Jersey Department of Community Affairs officially estimates that 70% of the state’s work force in industries like farming, fishing and construction are undocumented. I see these South American origin neighbors every day and I have great respect for them. In the past we had many Mexicans but in recent years most […]