Say thanks more often in business

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The excerpt below comes from a post on social media by a business mentor. I realize that I don’t say thanks often enough. It’s not that I’m not appreciative but rather that I’m not communicative enough on things that I consider emotional or fluffy. In other words, for me it’s a ‘guy thing’. This works […]

Reality has a liberal bias

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A friend shared this graphic that appears to have over 2 million views online. That’s encouraging considering all that we are learning of the fake news industry and international propaganda efforts through fake news. I do not know the original source. I commented that conservatives would likely say that those mainstream sources listed as “great […]

My marketing basics reconsidered

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Three recently observed trends caused me to go back and reevaluate my online and offline marketing strategies. Fortunately the issues refocused for me easily and quickly tonight while I took an evening walk just before dark. This blog post is an effort to get it all recorded before I lose the thoughts. The three adverse […]

A small online marketing milemark

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Late last year I made a decision to change the tone of my online posts so that the readership makeup would be fewer peers (accountants, attorneys, advisers) and more prospective clients (small business owners). Simple and logical, for sure, but this was the first time that I really noticed that most of my online audience […]

Editor: “My position was eliminated”

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Another reminder that the world is changing I received a surprising email this week from a great editor saying “my position was eliminated” and that this was “due to due to a change in the way content will be delivered, declining ad revenues and cost savings through outsourcing”. Our long working association had proved to me that […]

Fall is the best time for financial planning

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Early fall is often the best time for small business owners to review their finances and tax strategies. A small investment of time typically pays off in big and almost immediate savings. I am available by telephone or in person to discuss the best ways to: Cut accounting and compliance costs Incorporate tax shelter strategies […]

My most popular articles in January 2015

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All five most of my most popular articles on LinkedIn Pulse for the month of January 2015 were actually published in December. That seems odd given the short-lived value of the type of news-related consumer finance topics  and commentary that I typically cover. I notice that the top four are direct commentaries on current events reported […]